Clean up!

Cleaning up my junk hasn’t been something I can do over a weekend or two. It started about 6 months before I moved house. I have maybe half a dozen boxes in the shed now, and maybe 3 inside. I have various other boxes in the office and whatnot, but I’ve been going through them slowly too. I’ve thrown out a lot of crap, but I’m almost near the end of it!

Once I’ve disposed of most of my crap, I start with the task of making all my bills and receipts paperless. Just involves a good filing system, and a backup!

14. July 2013 by Alex
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12 Week Challenge

As part of my new years resolution, and it’s one I’m sticking too. Was weight loss, and I’m not just talking about losing some of it. I’m going for all of it, down to toned, fit and lean.

In July 2012 I was weighing in at just under 140kgs. 137kgs to be exact. Firstly, a change in diet happened. I was watching what I was eating again. Around August I started exercising a few times a week, boxing bag,  treadmill etc.

Fast forward to June 2013, otherwise known as now. I’m around the 112-113kg mark but have plateaued. I’ve been stuck around there for about a month, although I’ve been doing weights and have noticeably toned up on the arms, chest and back.

But to me it’s still not enough. That’s where @tinkrk23 has come to the rescue. She will be kicking my arse twice a week for the next 12 weeks, weigh-ins, measurements, food diary and all that. She is the world’s smallest drill sergeant and will not let me slack off.

I guess I’ll post up results in 12 weeks with the before and after shots. It all starts on the 10th of June!

Wish me luck!

08. June 2013 by Alex
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Momentary Hiccup

A few weeks ago I moved my hosting of this blog to another host. Then when my domain was up for renewal I tried to transfer it to the same place so I had my hosting and domain in the same spot. But the domain never transferred properly and I nearly lost it! So after a panic and $16 later, I’m back and I’ve lost nothing.

Nothing to see here, move alone.

08. June 2013 by Alex
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Happiness vs Enjoyment

I was chatting with a friend the other night about things that can make you happy, and things you can enjoy. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who can enjoy something but not find happiness with it. But also find happiness with other things, and enjoy them too.

Some people can enjoy and find happiness when they reach the bottom of a coffee cup. Knowing they are satisfied and it gives them that relaxed feeling and feeling content with what they’ve consumed. For me it’s always music, while I generally listen to a lot of alternative and metal. I still have a diverse taste in music, and even some things people wouldn’t think I would listen to, I do. Regardless of the genre of music, I can find happiness and enjoyment from a well written song with heavy long strung out riffs, big bass lines and a full deep sound that fills every crevasse of my mind, with something like Deftones. But I can also find happiness and enjoyment in a well composed piece of music that’s been performed by an orchestra. I can sit back, close my eyes, and drift off while listening to it and feel totally relaxed, and it’s not something that anyone can take away from me.

28. May 2013 by Alex
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Endo.. endo… ah, fuck it. Doctor.

This isn’t one of those vanity type posts about someone not looking the way they want. But feel it’s about time I got this off my chest… somewhere.

The past 6ish months I’ve been feeling pretty shithouse and has progressively gotten worse. At first I started with the odd day where I felt dizzy and nauseous, and at the same time I was having some bad back pain. I’ve had back problems for a while, leading to pinched nerves and what not. So I figured it was just the side effects of that. I started going to a physio late in 2012, he worked on it each week for a few months, I started changing my life style a bit more to help it along. Taking Green Lipped Mussel and exercises for my back etc.

The only reason I ended up at the physio was because the back pain had gotten so bad that I was struggling to move the majority of days. So Tink yelled at me, and I promised to go. The physio asked me my history of what was causing the back pain, and I said I’d had an accident in 2006 with some stairs, slipping and my spine landing on the stairs and myself ending up in the emergency room at Flinders Hospital. I’d broken some ribs, and done some damage to my spine with a few discs. He suspected I had some arthritis around my spine and ribs from where the breaks were, he could feel it with his hands. Not something you want to hear when you’re 29 years old. Knowing too well that it’s only going to get worse.

I had to do something about it, I started walking 3 times a week and doing some back orientated exercises. This helped a great deal, I was also attempting to lose weight at the same time. Around the middle of 2012 I’d weight around 137kgs, I wasn’t feeling particularly flash. I’d had a run of Glandular Fever, although my doctor thought after a visit during 2013 that it was more than likely chronic fatigue for it to be around that long and to still have some existing symptoms.

Anyway, I pushed on with the change of diet and exercised regularly. But I was still fighting nausea and dizziness regularly, and more frequently. To add to that, I was starting to lose cognitive skills on the odd occasion. No hand eye coordination, I would get dizzy just from reading with my eyes scanning across a page, walk into things, and unable to judge distance very well.

In January and February 2013, I’d taken 2 trips to the RAH with severe back pain. The emergency doctors would give me a pile of drugs and send me on my way and tell me to rest. Something I cannot do, I cannot sit still these days. I still went back to work the next day but still took it easy. The second visit to the RAH was the worst, I’d lost feeling to my arms and legs. Severe back pain, and my symptoms were getting worse with cognitive functions. I’d also been getting a fluctuating high temperature. At which on a few occasions after the RAH visit, I would have convulsions from the temperature getting so high. I would only feel it come on very suddenly and then it would hit me at any time of the day. I would also see flashes of light in my vision quite regularly, kind of like when a car drives down the street past you and you get a small reflection that dances around you while the sun reflects off the different angles of the car.

I made an appointment with my GP, and in came blood test number one. The results came back with high calcium in my blood stream. So I went for a second blood test, this time to have my magnesium levels studied, and also my parathyroid hormone levels. I knew we had a thyroid gland, but there’s more to it than just that. The parathyroid are 4 small glands attached to, near your thyroid, or on rare occasions down in your chest.

The blood test results for my parathyroid came back, and I had twice the level of the average human, and also low phosphates. The average human would have a level of 6.9, and mine was 11.6. So it seemed the doctor had found the cause of my being sick. From here things got progressively serious. I was booked in for an ultra sound, the main reason being is the doctor wanted to see if a tumour had developed around one of my parathyroid glands that may be causing them to produce more of the parathyroid hormone.

What the parathyroid gland does, from my understanding while talking to the doctor is; the gland will secrete the hormone into your body. This in turn controls the levels of calcium in your blood stream, and also your phosphates. Because I have too much of this hormone in my blood stream, my bones aren’t absorbing calcium properly, but not only that, they are making the calcium come out of my bones and back into my blood stream. So by having all this calcium in my blood stream, it’s attacking my muscular and nervous system, and also making my kidneys work overtime. Which explains the kidney pain I get too! I cant touch sugar at the moment, I feel like I’m going to slip into a coma. I have to drink a lot of water too.

The ultra sound came up empty, some nodules on my thyroid which are nothing to worry about, but not normal. Also a cyst found in my neck.

Back to the GP, for him to look at my ultra sound, and then referred me onto an Endocrinologist.

My visit to the endocrinologist was last Wednesday, he looked over my results and took down details of weight, height etc. While a lot of it I didn’t understand. I did understand this, I’ll be going more tests, yay! Next is a nuclear test. They will inject a radioactive dye into my neck and then perform an ultra sound on my neck again. Depending on what they find, it will go down 1 of 2 paths.

They will have me on medication for the rest of my life to supress the gland from producing too much of the hormone. Second is a less invasive surgery to simply have a look at my parathyroid gland and if it is enlarged. Should they find anything, the next will be a “neck exploration”, in which they will cut me open around where my collarbone is, and work their way into my neck and probably remove a parathyroid gland. Which wouldn’t be happening for another 2 months after the tests have been done.

So here I sit, waiting patiently, and dizzy. Until I get the next lot of tests done.

Firstly, I have to pee in a cup.

Updates to come when I know more.

24. May 2013 by Alex
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