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The last few weeks I’ve had some good conversation with a few of my friends, mainly about looking after yourself. Putting your health and well-being above all, and by that I mean over your work, study and other commitments. Finding time to do things that you want to do, and you need to do. But also doing them in the appropriate places.

On the weekend I was looking at my lounge room, and I had 3 broken laptops, 3 I was working on and it kind of occurred to me I should have a place to do this work. I have a home office with my PC, and lately it seems to have gained a negative stigma being in the office as it’s ended up being a place for work, and not a place I can sit down and play PC games. The lounge room should be for reading, watching tv or on the xbox, not a place of work. All of those have been cleaned out and into my second spare bedroom is now where my gym equipment is, and a small desk for doing bits of work.

I do much the same with my bedroom, it’s very minimal so that I keep it down to either a bit of tv at night, reading and sleeping. A place I can wind down, I don’t take any PC’s or tablet devices in there anymore. I keep it tidy and free of anything else.

I think I need to make each area intended for it’s use, and not cross over between work and personal life. Next on the list is to clean up the home office so I can game more and enjoy it and not feel like I have to be working when I’m in there.

Right now I’m attempting to work from home, and I’m finding concentration something I don’t have when there are things in the house that need to be done. Should I be going to the office everyday, regardless of what kind of work I’m doing so that my work and personal life aren’t blurred? And should I push that and continue it with what I do at home? Game on my pc, not work in the lounge room? I guess I’ll try it out and see how I go.

21. October 2013 by Alex
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