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I’ve been reading a lot about prefab homes and real estate a lot lately and I’m finding it very fascinating. There are some really great developments going on around the globe that a lot of people would be blind to. A few months ago I came across Inhabitat.com which has a lot of articles on eco-friendly matters. But I was particularly interested in their articles on architecture. There are a lot of people designing and building eco-friendly, cheap, easy to build houses that can be placed just about anywhere, and it’s definately blown my mind to the possibilities of what you can do when you want to build a house, or have something else somewhere.

To see exactly what I’m talking about have a look at these links:

Mfinity Microsystem

French designed Drop House

The Swingline

Yoga Studio that looks great.

and just for pure coolness, a water tower turned into an eco friendly house.

Prefab houses are becoming quite popular, and if being eco-friendly is part of it and doesn’t impact on the environment then I’m all for it. Here are a few places in Australia I’ve found that are worth looking into, but aren’t all eco-friendly, but there’s mountains of them on Google if you want to spend the time looking.



24. October 2007 by Alex
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