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The Replacement

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Purple Day – Epilepsy Awareness

I haven’t blogged much lately, I’ve been too busy with much else. But I have a bit of time to sit down and talk about something, something that has become important to me because of the people that surround me and the ones that have changed my life.

Today is Purple Day, awareness for those with epilepsy. It was never something I’d thought about, but it has been something that came to mind in the past 2 years when I met Marissa.


Marissa is the closest friend I have, and means the world to me. She also has epilepsy. I took the time to ask her some questions about it, but I spent a bit of time on my own learning about it. Reading and researching, not in the way that I want to “cure” it, I’ll leave that up to people in science. But in the event that something happened, I was able to help.

In the event that she did have a seizure around me, I wanted to be ready. I didn’t want to freak out, I wanted to make sure she was safe, comfortable and got the attention she needed. I looked at videos on YouTube, asked her what I should do when it happens, and also observed a few ‘signs’ of her character that I think that when I see them, she’s not right and a seizure may be around the corner.

We had been friends for just over a year when she first had a seizure in front of me, a lot went through my mind. Is she going to be OK? How long will this go for? Should I call for an ambulance? What happens if I don’t and it’s too late? It was a tense few minutes watching someone you care about looking like they are in a lot of pain. But it felt like everything I was thinking about at the time shot out the window and and for that moment concentrated on making sure she was ok and I did the right thing. Not long after that seizure, she had another. Within maybe half an hour and it was slightly worse, and borderline on calling an ambulance as I just wasn’t sure. I think this was also the first seizure she’d had in approx 10-12 months.

I do know a few signs now of when I think she’s going to have one, and she tells me if she has so I can make sure shes ok. Even though I know she hates being helped! *cough*stubborn cow*cough* but some of us care and want to help (Yes, hyprocritical, I know. Tink!)

Epilepsy –

Epilepsy is a common neurological condition in which a person has a tendency to have recurring seizures.

Our every thought, feeling or action is controlled by brain cells that communicate with each other through regular electrical impulses. A seizure occurs when sudden uncontrolled bursts of electrical activity disrupt this regular pattern. Communication between cells becomes scrambled and our thoughts, feelings or movements become momentarily confused or uncontrolled.

While seizures can be frightening, in most instances they stop without intervention. Once the seizure is over the person gradually regains control and re-orients themselves to their surroundings, generally without any ill-effects. The majority of people diagnosed with epilepsy will have their seizures controlled with medication.

Here’s us at Glenelg a few weeks ago after an afternoon at the beach, getting some R&R.

unnamed (1)

To me it seems that a lot of people aren’t “aware” of things like this until it affects your life directly, and this case it certainly has. Especially the ones you care about. Because of these types of days, we do become more aware, social media does push it and make us a lot more aware of events and awareness days. There are always causes out there, I already contribute to BeyondBlue which is to help those with anxiety and depression. My choice was after  losing a long childhood friend to suicide. I also make a donation to The Smith Family to help disadvantaged young Australians ( see an article I looked at the other day and shared ), and also drop something under the Kmart Wishing Tree at Xmas time, because every kid deserves to grow up with Lego, Batman and Star Wars.

But if you’re a user of social media, don’t just participate, make a donation.

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Creative Embarkment

I’ve started on another creative adventure, for the web this time. I’m currently working on a website for The Wife Life, it seems to be a popular sub-sphere of blogs for a lot of mothers, a place to post about their children and life. It does seem like a very cutthroat world from all the blogs I’ve looked at. Competition on who can have the nicest one out there, everyone has their own styles and they want to apply that to their website.

It’s going to be a different challenge for me, but one I’m going to enjoy to see how good I can be with it. Stay tuned for the site launch.

You can follow thewifelife on Instagram and tumblr.

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Personal Space

The last few weeks I’ve had some good conversation with a few of my friends, mainly about looking after yourself. Putting your health and well-being above all, and by that I mean over your work, study and other commitments. Finding time to do things that you want to do, and you need to do. But also doing them in the appropriate places.

On the weekend I was looking at my lounge room, and I had 3 broken laptops, 3 I was working on and it kind of occurred to me I should have a place to do this work. I have a home office with my PC, and lately it seems to have gained a negative stigma being in the office as it’s ended up being a place for work, and not a place I can sit down and play PC games. The lounge room should be for reading, watching tv or on the xbox, not a place of work. All of those have been cleaned out and into my second spare bedroom is now where my gym equipment is, and a small desk for doing bits of work.

I do much the same with my bedroom, it’s very minimal so that I keep it down to either a bit of tv at night, reading and sleeping. A place I can wind down, I don’t take any PC’s or tablet devices in there anymore. I keep it tidy and free of anything else.

I think I need to make each area intended for it’s use, and not cross over between work and personal life. Next on the list is to clean up the home office so I can game more and enjoy it and not feel like I have to be working when I’m in there.

Right now I’m attempting to work from home, and I’m finding concentration something I don’t have when there are things in the house that need to be done. Should I be going to the office everyday, regardless of what kind of work I’m doing so that my work and personal life aren’t blurred? And should I push that and continue it with what I do at home? Game on my pc, not work in the lounge room? I guess I’ll try it out and see how I go.

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